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How to install and use PP activated carbon adsorption tower equipment?

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Precautions for installation of PP activated carbon adsorption tower

  • The installation location of the outdoor unit should be as close as possible to the indoor unit, and the conditions of air circulation, no sunlight or less sunlight should be considered. The outdoor unit should be installed on the outer wall of the air-conditioned room, facing north, next to south, and worst to east and west.

  • There should be a space of more than 10cm on the side and back of the air inlet of the outdoor unit, and the space distance of the front exhaust direction should be more than 70cm. Due to the different structure of each outdoor unit, the required space size is also different, please refer to the regulations in the manual.

  • The installation surface of the air conditioner should be sturdy and strong, with sufficient load-bearing capacity. When the installation surface is an old wall or roof of a building, it must have solid brick, concrete or an installation surface equivalent to its strength. The installation site should be able to bear the weight of the outdoor unit, and there should be no vibration and no increase in noise. For example, if the air conditioner is installed on a protruding balcony, it will produce strong resonance and cause loud noise. Generally installed under the bedroom window.


PP activated carbon adsorption tower adsorption recovery device structure:


This device mainly includes: adsorption tank, shut-off valve, filter, condenser, separation barrel, aeration cylinder, fan motor, sound insulation cover muffler and other equipment, automatic type equipped with electronically controlled pneumatic air inlet regulating valve, carbon layer over-temperature Alarm and automatic water spray cooling device electric control cabinet, etc.

The equipment is made of PP anti-corrosion board, with anti-corrosion treatment inside, it is resistant to strong acid, alkali and salt corrosion, and is not subject to oxidation and corrosion by other factors under long-term operation and use. The thickness of the main structure must be based on each model and processing capacity, and it must have sufficient reinforcement to bear the structure and the load required during operation, and provide the necessary operating platform. The resistance of the whole system is less than 60mmAq.

This device is two adsorption tanks, the two tanks can be used at the same time, can be used alternately, single-layer activated carbon or double-layer activated carbon are set in the tank. If the double-layer activated carbon waste gas enters the adsorption tank and is adsorbed by the upper and lower layers, it is suitable for purification of waste gas with large air volume. The inlet and outlet of the device are pneumatic control valves, which are simple to operate and reduce labor intensity. This device uses low-pressure steam as the analysis medium. If necessary, a steam superheater can be equipped to increase the steam temperature for the analysis of solvents with higher boiling points.


Features of PP activated carbon adsorption tower:


1. High adsorption efficiency, large adsorption capacity and wide application

2. Convenient maintenance, no technical requirements

3. Large specific surface area, good selective adsorption

4. Activated carbon has the characteristics of a wide range of sources and low prices

5. High adsorption efficiency and strong capacity

6. Easy and safe operation


Working principle of PP activated carbon adsorption tower:

The organic gas or particulate matter contained in the workshop is collected by the gas collecting hood, and the organic gas is transported by the pipeline into the activated carbon tower. The organic gas part of the incoming gas flows into the activated carbon filter layer in the direction of the gas flow. When the organic gas enters the carbon layer, the organic gas is adsorbed into the carbon by the activated carbon, and the dried-up air passes through the carbon layer and enters the gas outlet, and the gas passes through the mechanical self-absorption. Then it is discharged into the atmosphere. In the adsorption process of the activated carbon layer, the carbon will have a saturated period of time. The length of the activated carbon saturation process is directly related to the concentration of the gas contained in the gas itself and the length of working time. The activated carbon adsorption box is a dry waste gas treatment equipment. It is composed of a box body and an adsorption unit packed in the box body. According to the number of adsorption units and air volume, it is divided into a variety of specifications. The activated carbon adsorption box can be used to treat a variety of different waste gases by choosing different fillers.

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