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How to install PP air duct and what are the connection methods of PP air duct?

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PP Air duct is a piping system used for air transportation and distribution. PP air duct is a vent pipe made of PP material. Compared with other material ducts, it has wear resistance, no scaling, low flow resistance, corrosion resistance, etc. It has characteristics, anti-freeze cracking and good sound insulation effect. It is a kind of pipe that is widely used at present. Due to these characteristics of the PP air duct, it is also used in waste gas environmental protection equipment to reduce the concentration of harmful gases and allow air to circulate. Since the PP ducts are all section by section, if they are improperly connected, leakage will occur and the desired effect will not be achieved. Therefore, they must be installed in strict accordance with the steps.

Factory ventilation duct installation

Installation procedures provided by PP duct manufacturers:

  • After the PP duct is transported to the construction site, check the specifications and dimensions of the PP duct duct against the drawings, stack them separately according to the system and make a mark to avoid mistakes during installation.

  • Before installing the air outlet of the PP duct, check the air outlet carefully to see if there is any damage to the air outlet and whether there are any defects on the surface such as scratches. For all the air outlets with adjustable and rotating parts, check whether the movable parts are flexible, whether the blades are straight, and whether there is friction with the frame. For openable air outlets with a filter, check whether the filter is damaged.

  • When installing the air outlet, pay attention to the concealed installation of the PP air duct. The diffuser installed on the ceiling is flush with the roof. The installation of the air outlet must be firm and reliable, especially the elbow part must be connected.

  • After the installation of the PP duct, it can be used for trial operation, and it can be used formally after it is ventilated.

There are usually several connection methods for PP ducts

PP duct is a metal or composite pp duct used in industrial ventilation systems and civil building ventilation and air-conditioning projects. It is a municipal infrastructure that circulates air and reduces the concentration of harmful gases.

The main finished materials such as plates and profiles used in the production and installation of the ducts in the pp duct shall comply with the current national design and relevant product standards, and shall be inspected and qualified by the factory. When materials enter the market, they should be checked and accepted in accordance with current national standards.

The pp duct is a kind of urban infrastructure, its purpose is to circulate the air and reduce the concentration of harmful gases. The main finished materials such as plates and profiles used for the production and installation of pp air ducts and ducts shall comply with the current national design standards and relevant product regulations, and shall be inspected and qualified by the factory.

When materials enter the market, they should be checked and accepted in accordance with current national standards. pp air duct according to the key points of the material: generally: steel duct (ordinary steel), galvanized iron (tin) pipe, stainless steel vent pipe,  pp air pipe, plastic vent pipe, composite vent pipe, color steel sandwich insulation board vent pipe, double Surface aluminum foil insulation ventilation pipe, single color steel insulation ventilation pipe, ventilation pipe used in adhesive layer (etc.), mine ventilation pipe, plastic ventilation pipe, etc.;

In general pp air pipe connection, the cut should be tight and firm, and the four corners of the rectangular pipe should have positioning and sealing measures.

The connection of the air duct should be flat and straight, without dislocation or deformation. 

There are 4 general connection methods for air ducts?

1. Insert type connection

The bayonet-type air duct is connected with the rectangular air duct, and different forms of bayonet are inserted into both ends of the air duct.

pp pipe connection joint

2. PP duct connection

Both ends of each pipe section are rolled into drum rods connected by bands, and one end is shrunk into a small opening. When installing, insert the small port into the large port according to the airflow direction. On the outside, fasten the drum rods at the two tube ends and connect with bolts, and the bolts are fixed and fastened to the earrings.

3. Hose connection

The hose connection is mainly used to connect the spiral air pipe and various components (such as the air outlet on the side of the static pressure box of the diffuser, etc.).

4. Insert and connect PP duct

Plug connection is mainly used for rectangular or circular duct connection. First make the connecting pipe, and then insert the connecting pipe into the air ducts on both sides. Then, tighten it with self-tapping screws or rivets. The pp duct is economical, and the thickness of the pp duct processing board can be reduced by 10%-15% under the same diameter. It reduces costs, and the efficiency during hoisting is about twice that of a rectangular pp duct. Under the same plate thickness and pipe diameter, the strength of the pp duct is higher. On the same cross-section, the spiral duct structure has more reasonable tension and better rigidity, so it can greatly reduce noise and vibration.

Electroplating factory exhaust gas discharge pipeline

Knowledge of PP duct installation.

  1. The distance between the boom and the end of the cross arm is 30mm; the distance between the boom and the outside of the wind pipe (the outer edge of the insulation layer) is 30mm.

  2. When the length of the PP duct exceeds 20m, no less than one fixed bracket should be added. When the length of the PP duct exceeds 20m, an expansion joint should be added according to the design requirements.

  3. The orientation of the channel steel head and angle steel of the support and hanger should only have two orientations (horizontal and longitudinal) in the same area. In addition, the spacing between the duct supports and hangers should be uniform and even, and supports and hangers should be added at both ends of the elbow.

  4. Insulation wooden support should be added between the air-conditioning duct hoisting pipe and the support and hanger.

  5. The position of the PP duct support and hanger should be accurate and the direction should be the same. The boom should be vertical and there should be no distortion. The suspended duct and parts should be set with fixed points for placing and swinging.

  6. The paint on the boom should be even and the color should be the same. After the air duct is installed, repaint the anti-rust paint.

  7. During installation, leave 5cm outside of the boom; after installation, heat preservation, suppression and other work are completed, after passing the inspection, cut the boom, and leave 2-3 buckles outside the nut.

  8. The distance between the main duct hanger and the branch pipe should not be less than 200mm.

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