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How to design and calculate the wet scrubber?

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Wet scrubber design calculation, including scrubber material, size, specification and scrubber configuration, China Xicheng specializes in the production of wet scrubbers for acid and alkali waste gas treatment, pre-washing of organic waste gas treatment and laboratory waste gas absorption.

Wet scrubbers - product material

The wet scrubber is determined according to the material and specifications of the exhaust gas scrubber. The scrubber materials mainly include PP polypropylene plastic, SS304 stainless steel, FRP glass fiber reinforced plastic, and carbon steel lining rubber. Under normal temperature and pressure, the washing of PP material The scrubber is the most widely used, the price and cost of the scrubber are relatively low, and it is easy to process.


Wet Scrubbers - specifications and dimensions

Secondly, another factor that affects the design of the scrubber is the size specification. The larger the size (diameter and height), the more material and labor costs, and the higher the price of the wet scrubber. In fact, the larger the size specification, it means that the scrubber The larger the amount of treated exhaust gas is, which is proportional to the price of the wet scrubber.

Wet scrubbers - structural configuration

Finally, the key factor that affects the design of wet scrubbers is the configuration. The higher the configuration, the higher the price of the scrubber. So what parts does the scrubber contain. Usually the gas scrubber system includes tower body, packing, packing layers, integrated water tank, circulating pump, circulating water pipeline, overflow pipeline, drainage pipeline, water inlet ball valve, transparent liquid level pipe, the above is the configuration of conventional scrubber.

Wet scrubber waste gas treatment process

The design of the wet scrubber is based on the diameter and height of the scrubber, and the diameter and height are calculated according to the total air volume and treatment concentration of the exhaust gas. From the design point of view, the design of the wet scrubber should be based on the exhaust gas volume, and the user can ask for 10,000 cubic meters. m/h, how big is the scrubber, and what is the price of the wet scrubber? What parts are included?

Wet scrubber design calculation method

The scrubber is selected and the price of the scrubber is given. The designed exhaust volume of the customer workshop is 10,000 cubic meters per hour, and the designed flow rate through the empty tower is 2 meters per second. After calculation, the diameter of the scrubber is 1.33 meters. The diameter is 1.4 meters through the regular value. Single-layer spray design, the diameter of the exhaust gas inlet is 500mm, and the total height of the tower can be designed to be 4600mm.

design a wet scrubber

With the above data, the price of the scrubber is available. The calculation method is to disassemble the plate. The thickness of the scrubber bottom plate is 12mm, the thickness of the tower body plate is 8mm, and the wall thickness of the water tank is 10mm. The packing is ø76 rosette, and the defogging layer is ø50 multi-faceted hollow. Balls, material costs incurred above.

Wet scrubber extension reading

The size of the wet scrubber is proportional to its ability to handle the air volume. The larger the wet scrubber, the more air volume it can handle. For example, a circular wet scrubber of φ1.5-H4.2 (m) can handle 8000-10000 air volume, which is usually suitable for spaces between 30㎡-33㎡ (the net height of the space is 3m, and the workshop needs to handle the air volume) ). Air volume calculation formula: equipment air volume = room volume (length × width × height) × ventilation constant (60 to 100 times), the constant here can be determined according to the operation time. To learn more, follow our YouTube account.

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