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How to deal with waste gas from fertilizer plants

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The waste gas of chemical FERTILIZER plants generally comes from the urea plant and the synthetic ammonia plant, which will continuously discharge the waste gas of N2, H2S and COS components during the production process. In the production process of chemical fertilizer plants, waste gas and dust that are harmful to the environment will be generated. If waste gas treatment is carried out, the discharge will seriously pollute the environment and be harmful to human body. So how to deal with the waste gas of chemical fertilizer plants?

Recommended waste gas treatment plan for fertilizer plants

Acid-base waste gas treatment

Primary WET SCRUBBER + secondary wet scrubber + ACTIVATED CARBON ADSORPTION TOWER + centrifugal blower

Wet scrubber exhaust gas treatment

When the gas enters the purification tower tangentially from the air inlet at the bottom of the tower body, and then evenly rises to the first-stage packing absorption section through the equalizing section, on the surface of the packing, the acidic substances in the gas phase and the alkaline substances in the liquid phase occur. Chemical reaction, the acid gas that is not completely absorbed continues to rise into the first-stage spray section. In the spray section, the absorbing liquid is sprayed at high speed from the uniformly distributed nozzles, forming numerous fine droplets that are fully mixed with the gas, contacted, and continue to undergo chemical reactions. Then the acid gas rises to the second-stage packing section and the spray section for absorption process similar to the first-stage.

The nozzle density of the second stage is different from that of the first stage, the injection pressure is different, and the concentration range of the absorbed acid gas is also different. The process of two-phase contact in the spray section and the packing section is also a process of material heat and mass transfer. The fullness and stability of this process is ensured by controlling the superficial flow rate and storage time. For some acid gases with poor chemical activity, it is still necessary to add a certain amount of surfactant to the absorption liquid. The top part of the tower is the demisting section, where the absorbing liquid droplets entrained in the gas are removed, and the treated clean air is put into the atmosphere from the exhaust pipe at the upper end of the purification tower.

Activated carbon adsorption for odor control

Activated carbon adsorption is to use the characteristics of activated carbon to adsorb odorous substances in odor to achieve the purpose of deodorization. In order to effectively deodorize, various activated carbons of different properties are usually used, and activated carbons for adsorbing acidic substances, activated carbons for adsorbing alkaline substances and activated carbons for adsorbing neutral substances are installed in the adsorption tower. tower.

Wet scrubber product features

The wet scrubber has a reasonable structure design and uses a new type of multi-faceted hollow sphere as the filler. The flow resistance of acid mist exhaust gas in the wet scrubber is small, the specific surface area of the filler is large, the chemical reaction is perfect, the selection of gas-liquid ratio is reasonable, the absorption and purification efficiency is high, and corrosion resistance , Good aging resistance, easy installation and maintenance, etc.

Strong ability to handle acid mist
The wet scrubber is designed with a large cross-sectional area to ensure that the superficial flow rate meets the design requirements;

High processing efficiency
The acid mist stays in the tower for a long time, ensuring the time required for acid-base neutralization and high purification efficiency;

Simple structure
The wet scrubber adopts the backwash structure, which is suitable for small space installation and occupies a small area;

Stable operation
The wet scrubber system has a simple structure, is designed with maintenance and inspection ports, automatic control, and stable operation;

Low system resistance
The pressure drop of the wet scrubber gas through the packing layer per unit height is small;

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