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How to connect polypropylene (PP duct)

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Hot-melt connection method (when the pressure exceeds 0.8MPaΦkg, the welding method is used, and the pressure of the pipe group can be increased by more than 1.5 times).

Scrubber manufacturing process

  1. The pipe (pipe fitting) to be welded is clamped with a fixture and fixed on the machine. The distance between the two ends of the fixture and the distance between the two end faces of the pipe must meet the requirements of the milling cutter and the two end faces to be welded when the fixture is closed. Contact, and the hydraulic cylinder must have sufficient welding stroke. Then the end face of the pipe is cut.

  2. Check whether the temperature of the heating plate is appropriate (200-230°), and ensure that the heating plate is clean each time you weld, and the heating plate should be kept at a constant temperature for 10 minutes before starting welding during the first welding.

  3. Welding should be started after reaching a certain welding pressure

  4. The protrusions between the pipes (pipe fittings) are even, start the heating time counting, and when the heating time is reached, quickly open the fixture and remove the heating plate.

  5.  Quickly close the fixture and start the cooling timer. After the cooling time is reached, remove the clamp and remove the welded pipe (pipe fitting) Note: heating time = wall thickness (mm) × (8-10) seconds cooling time = wall thickness (mm) × (above 60) seconds

  6. When connecting pipes and fittings, keep the joints clean and free of dirt.

  7. No external force is allowed to be applied to pipes (pipe fittings) during welding and cooling.

Special reminder: According to the engineering pressure, choose different connection methods, different types of pipes, and use different heating media to prevent the pipes from cracking during the heating process and reduce the service life and shrinkage strength of the pipes!

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