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How to choose a laboratory blower?

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Laboratory blowers are mainly PP blowers, which are made of PP anti-corrosion materials. According to different applications, there are various options. We specialize in the production of laboratory anti-corrosion blowers. The air volume ranges from 1800CMH to 30000CMH. Pressure has a certain curve relationship. For the same blower, under different working conditions, the larger the system pressure loss, the smaller the air volume. Therefore, in the system design, reduce elbows, tees, and reducers to reduce system pressure loss.

PP centrifugal fan

PP blower diagram

How to choose a laboratory blower needs to be considered from many aspects. The first choice is the application. If it is only for a certain ventilation cabinet or medicine cabinet, the special centrifugal fan for the laboratory fume hood can be selected. The parameters are as follows:

  • Power: 300W

  • Speed: 1450 rpm

  • Voltage: AC 220V

  • Frequency: 50/60Hz

  • Air volume: 2300m3/hour

  • Static pressure: 260pa

  • Noise: 40db

  • Exhaust diameter: inner diameter 250mm, which can be changed according to requirements;

  • Wind pressure: 28-30 (mm water column)

  • Working method: centrifugal

  • Net weight: 7.2KG

  • Material: PP polypropylene material

This centrifugal blower is a square structure, usually installed on the top of the fume hood, with a diameter of 250, which is just connected to the exhaust port of the fume hood. Multi-blade structure, low noise and large air volume, if there is no exhaust gas purification equipment in the fume hood, it can be directly exhausted to the outside through pipes.

PP plastic anti-corrosion installation drawing

How to choose a laboratory blower? Another solution is to use multiple fume hoods, medicine cabinets, universal exhaust hoods, and even indoor space for ventilation. Then such ventilation requires the entire room to maintain a negative pressure state. This solution requires PP plastic anti-corrosion. Centrifugal blower, this type of blower is 4-72 type, with large air volume, high pressure, floor installation, with mounting feet, optional shock absorption, and soft connections need to be installed at the inlet and outlet.

When choosing this type of blower, it usually needs to be used with activated carbon adsorption box or waste gas treatment spray tower. The PP plastic centrifugal blower is placed at the end of the system, so it is difficult to use the negative pressure exhaust method. When there are many air exhaust ports at the front, each exhaust air is exhausted. It is necessary to install a plastic damper, or an electric damper, and integrate a set of electric control device, no need to exhaust the air, you can hear the damper closed, the system resistance becomes larger, through the pressure detection device, it is transmitted to the PLC control of the electronic control system , and then transmit the system to the inverter of the blower, reduce the frequency, reduce the wind speed, reduce the power consumption of the blower motor, maintain the air volume of each air outlet of the system, and achieve the purpose of energy saving.

Polypropylene PP plastic blower picture

Fan introduction

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