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How pp board material is formed

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PP sheet is a semi-crystalline material, which has higher precision and higher temperature than PE sheet. In the PP material, 1%~4% of random PP air is added. PP material has lower thermal temperature, low detection, low influence, the low field of view, but has impact resistance strength. PP board does not have the problem of environmental crack resistance. PP board can be added by adding glass fiber metal, glass fiber metal, and so on. Additive or thermoplastic rubber method to modify the PP sheet. Under the influence of crystallization, the shrinkage rate of the PP sheet is quite high, generally, 1.8~2.5% and the direction uniformity of the shrinkage rate is much better than that of PE and other materials. PP materials have excellent moisture resistance, acid and alkali resistance, and solubility resistance. However, the PP board has no resistance to pump hydrocarbon solvents, industrial hydrocarbon solvents, etc.

10MM gray PP plastic sheet customization

PP board: PP sheet is a kind of semi-crystalline material with high hardpoint and high melting points. When the temperature is higher than 0℃, the PP board with the characteristics of PE is very brittle. In order to solve this problem, the manufacturer is producing PP materials with blue special. Ethylene and 1% to 4% OM have low thermal deformation, low detection, low energy and low diameter, but the impact strength is greater. The strength of PP increases with the passage of time due to the high crystallinity., The surface hardness and material scratch resistance are good. The PP board has no environmental expansion. The PP board can be modified by adding glass fiber, metal additives, or thermoplastics. Under the influence of crystallization, the shrinkage rate of the PP sheet is quite high. Generally, 1.8%~2.5%, the uniformity of shrinkage direction is better than PE.PP material, has water resistance, acid and alkali resistance, and solubility, but PP board has no resistance to aro matic solvents and industrial solvents.

PP is better than stainless steel. How to make PP sheet into stainless steel, we all know that PP and stainless steel are different, so how to make PP board, how to have relative, good forming performance, high heat resistance Performance, good chemical properties, electrical insulation properties, but with good surface material production performance.

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