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How about pvc plastic board How to clean pvc plastic board

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PVC plastic board is one of the new materials for making environmental protection equipment. It can produce environmentally friendly products of the same quality and thoroughness. Many users prefer this type of material when purchasing. It is currently used in modern homes, large shopping malls, hospitals, etc. Widely used in many places. Next, follow me to learn about the relevant knowledge of PVC plastic board.

How about PVC plastic board

1. PVC plastic board, in fact, is polyvinyl chloride plastic board. It is a kind of hard thermoplastic material, which is produced through a series of processes such as mixing. It is widely used in indoor kitchen lamp ceiling decoration, and it can also be used in a large area. Floor decoration, with different styles of ceiling panels and floor materials.

2. PVC plastic board is light in weight, easy to install, and also has the functions of waterproof and moisture-proof, moth-proof, etc. It is a widely used decorative material with strong anti-pollution ability, simple cleaning, and good sound insulation and heat insulation functions, especially Flame retardant materials are added to the new process, making it safer to use. Compared with the metal ceiling board, the disadvantage is that it has a shorter life and is not resistant to high temperatures.

3. PVC plastic board is a relatively new material in the current international building materials market. It is produced through a series of processes with polyvinyl chloride resin as raw material, adding appropriate additives, and a series of processes. At the same time, it has undergone a series of physical processing, so that the PVC board has the functions of cleanness, elasticity, and sound absorption at the same time, making the PVC plastic board a high-end decorative material.

4. The PVC plastic board has strong wear resistance, but in the daily use process, the daily maintenance of the PVC plastic board should be paid attention to, and the stains, oil stains and other pollutants on the PVC plastic board should be cleaned up in time. This will not only make the PVC plastic board surface is clean, and at the same time, it can effectively extend the service life of the PVC plastic board, so that the PVC plastic board can better serve our lives.

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How to clean PVC plastic board

1. Wash with toothpaste + toothbrush; because it is not a large object, you can use a toothbrush to dip the toothpaste and gently wipe until it is cleaned, which can also add fragrance to the leather bag.

2. Take a rag and wipe it wet; find a warm rag and wipe it from top to bottom, so that it will not cause damage to the PVC plastic board, and it can be cleaned with confidence. If time permits, it can be cleaned periodically.

3. Cleaning method for yellowing PVC plastic board; it is recommended to find a soft cotton cloth, dipped in 50% alcohol or toothpaste to wipe.

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