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How Laboratory Fume Hood Gas Handling Works

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The structure of the laboratory fume hood gas treatment (wet scrubber):

The fume hood gas treatment tower is divided into single tower body and double tower body. It adopts a circular tower body and is connected by flange sections. Specifically, it consists of a liquid storage tank, a tower body, an air inlet section, a spray layer, a packing layer, a swirl flow defogging layer, an air outlet cone cap, and an inspection hole.

Laboratory fume hood equipment

The working principle of laboratory fume hood gas treatment (wet scrubber):

The main operation mode of the laboratory fume hood gas treatment (wet scrubber) is to continuously introduce the air duct into the purification tower. After passing through the packing layer, the exhaust gas and the chemical absorption liquid are fully contacted with the gas-liquid two-phase absorption and neutralization reaction. After the chemical gas is purified, After dewatering and defogging by the defogging plate, it is discharged into the atmosphere by the fan. The absorption liquid is pressurized by the water pump at the bottom of the tower and sprayed down at the top of the tower, and then returned to the bottom of the tower for recycling. The purified gas in the agricultural production system meets the emission requirements of local emission standards and is lower than the national emission standards.

The following is the process flow of the waste gas treatment project: exhausted agricultural production system gas → entering the air duct → passing through the acid-base waste gas treatment tower → fan → air duct → reaching the standard discharge.

fume hood scrubber

Laboratory fume hood gas treatment (wet scrubber) has the following characteristics:

  1. The assembly is simple, the management, operation and maintenance are quite convenient and concise, and will not cause any impact on the production of the workshop;

  2. The anti-corrosion material used in the wet scrubber is not affected by acid and alkali corrosion, and can cope with various extremely corrosive gases;

  3. Low operating cost and low noise;

  4. The purification efficiency is as high as 90%;

Laboratory fume hood gas treatment (wet scrubber) application scope:

It is widely used in the purification and treatment of acid and alkaline waste gas discharged in the process of chemical industry, electronics, metallurgy, electroplating, textile (chemical fiber), food, machinery manufacturing and other industries. Such as seasoning food, acid making, pickling, electroplating, electrolysis, storage battery, etc.

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