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Glass fiber industrial waste gas scrubber

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The glass fiber industrial waste gas comes from the following components:

1. Gas and particulate matter produced during the combustion of furnace fuel.

2. Atmospheric pollutants from downstream industries (fiber forming, infiltration, drying). The main harmful components in the exhaust gas are particulate matter, sulfur dioxide, NOX, CO, HF, CL and hydrocarbons, among which sulfur dioxide and NOX are relatively high.

Treatment process:

Exhaust gas-gas cooling system-chemical pretreatment tower-fan-organic waste gas scrubber-fan-chimney-up to standard gas.

Laboratory waste gas treatment system

Chemical pretreatment tower

The gas is pressed into the waste gas scrubber by a centrifugal fan. The inner cylinder of the gas distributor forms a pressure chamber, and the pressure chamber is distributed to the aeration plate. The waste gas enters the absorption liquid of the liquid storage tank through the bubbling tube to produce bubbling and then bubbles Ascends through the packing layer and contacts and absorbs the aqueous solution sprayed from the nozzle. The absorbed exhaust gas continues to flow upwards to the second filter material layer, contacts with the water sprayed from the second nozzle, and absorbs again, and then passes through the defogging device and is discharged into the atmosphere through the chimney and windproof cap.

Organic waste gas adsorption device (exhaust gas scrubber system)

Use the advantages of adsorption material (activated carbon or carbon fiber) with strong adsorption capacity and fast adsorption and desorption rate to purify organic waste gas. The exhaust gas from the outside of the tower body is evenly distributed through the deflector and sent to the scrubber tower. After the airflow entering the tower passes through the filler adsorption bed inside the tower, the harmful chemical components in the airflow are adsorbed by the adsorbent, and the clean air is discharged from the air outlet. The condensed water produced in the tower is discharged from the tower by the collecting tank and the drain pipe.

Technical parameters and selection:

Because the technical parameters such as the concentration and temperature of the processed gas are not the same, the processing equipment should be designed and selected according to the actual conditions. XICHENG EP LTD. has special design procedures and technical personnel, who can design specific technical parameters that meet the standards according to the actual situation. Can provide on-site inspection services.

The design conditions to be provided by the user are:

1. Provide a site for equipment operation;

2. Provide waste gas volume, waste gas concentration, temperature, and required treatment standards;

3. Provide whether the control method is manual or automatic, and the degree of control achieved;

4. Provide what equipment and supporting equipment, pipelines and accessories we need.

Precautions for installation and use:

1. The scrubber equipment should be installed on a concrete foundation 100 mm above the ground.

2. Pay attention to the protection of the equipment during installation, so as not to damage the body and exposed parts.

3. The absorption liquid must be added to the overflow pipe before use.

4. When in use, the circulating water pump should be turned on for 2 to 3 minutes, and then the fan; when shutting down, the fan should be stopped for 1 to 2 minutes before stopping the circulating water pump.

5. Pay attention to supplement the absorption liquid during use, and supplement or replace the liquid medicine according to the PH value of the liquid medicine to ensure the absorption effect; it is recommended that the pH value should be greater than 10.

6. Attention should be paid to starting the water pump: the pump cannot be reversed or idling.

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