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Fish farm odor treatment plan

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Principles of Design Schemes for Odor Treatment in Fish Farms

The odor of fish farms mainly comes from the decomposition of manure, litter, residual feed, livestock and poultry carcasses, etc., which will produce many toxic and harmful gases such as ammonia, hydrogen sulfide, methane, and carbon monoxide.

1. Strictly implement the relevant national environmental protection laws and regulations according to the prescribed emission standards so that the various indicators of the treated exhaust gas meet and exceed national standards.

2. Adopt advanced, reasonable, mature, and reliable processing technology, and have significant environmental, social, and economic benefits.

3. The process design and equipment selection can have greater flexibility and room for adjustment during production and operation to ensure compliance with emission standards.

4. During the operation of the purification equipment, it is easy to operate and manage, easy to maintain, and saves power consumption and operating costs.


Advantages of odor treatment in fish farms:

1. It can effectively remove pollution factors

It can effectively remove volatile organic compounds (VOC), inorganics, hydrogen sulfide, ammonia, mercaptans, and other major pollutants, as well as various malodors, and the deodorization efficiency can reach 98%.

2. No need to add any substance

It only needs to set up the corresponding exhaust pipe and exhaust power. The malodorous gas can be deodorized, decomposed, and purified through this equipment without adding any substances to participate in the chemical reaction.

3. Strong adaptability

It can be adapted to the deodorization and purification treatment of high concentration, large air volume, and different malodorous gas substances. It can work continuously for 24 hours a day, and the operation is stable and reliable.

4. Low operating cost

This equipment has no mechanical action, no noise, no exceptional management, and routine maintenance, only regular inspections; this equipment has low energy consumption and can save a lot of exhaust power energy consumption.

5. No pretreatment required

Odor gas does not require special pretreatment. The odor scrubber system is used for odor adsorption, and the gas, after passing through the filter system, can meet the emission standard.

6. The sound setting area is small, and the weight is light

It is suitable for special conditions such as compact layout and small space. The equipment covers an area of 1 square meter/processing 10000m3/h air volume.

7. Manufactured with high-quality imported materials

It has high fire and corrosion resistance, stable performance, and long service life.

air emission control devices

Working principle of odor scrubber system

The fish farm odor treatment system mainly includes:

  • A fan.

  • An ammonia absorption tower.

  • An ozone generator.

  • A hydrogen sulfide absorption tower.

  • An acid circulating pool.

The outlet of the fan is connected to the inlet of the ammonia absorption tower and the ammonia absorption tower exhaust. The gas port is associated with the channel of the hydrogen sulfide absorption tower. Both the ammonia absorption tower and the top of the hydrogen sulfide absorption tower are equipped with an ozone generator. The acid circulating water in the acid circulation pool is sprayed into the ammonia absorption tower and the hydrogen sulfide absorption tower, And return to the acid circulation pool.

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