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Exhaust gas treatment process description

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1.  Waste gas collection process

As the flowchart below:


The exhaust gas first collected by the exhaust hood and enters the pressurizing fan through the air duct. It is sent to the bottom of the spray tower by a pressurized fan. The exhaust gas enters the upper layer through the partition packing layer sprayed by the lower Liquid medicine, and then passes through the upper partition packing layer sprayed by the Liquid medicine, and finally is discharged through the defogging layer.

2.  Analysis of spray tower work flow

Generally, the spray tower treats waste gas in countercurrent flow of gas and liquid. The waste gas enters the tower from the bottom of the tower and passes through the packing layer from bottom to top, and the absorption liquid is evenly sprayed into the packing layer from the spray nozzles distributed on the top of the tower. The absorbing liquid flows down the surface of the packing layer to the bottom of the tower, and then enters the tower again by the water pump for cleaning, and circulates back and forth. The ascending airflow and the descending absorption liquid fully contact the packing layer to absorb, neutralize and react, and the solute concentration in the ascending airflow is getting lower and lower, so as to achieve the purpose of waste gas treatment. Finally, the gas can be discharged into the nature after being dehydrated by the final defogging layer.

3. Precautions for exhaust gas treatment

Before the exhaust gas treatment, turn on the water pump and let the pump circulate for 3-5 seconds. After the absorption liquid is fully wetted through the packing layer, start the fan for exhaust gas treatment.

4. Advantages of PP spray tower

PP spray tower has a series of advantages such as good treatment effect, small equipment area, convenient installation, low water and power consumption, acid and alkali resistance, corrosion resistance, long service life, reliable equipment operation, simple maintenance, simple and convenient operation.

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