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Exhaust gas treatment equipment wet scrubber

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The general step of exhaust gas treatment equipment is to do "pretreatment", such as using a plasma purifier, then the gas components passing through the plasma purifier must not contain combustible gas, so the first step of industrial exhaust gas is the treatment of combustible gas. A common pretreatment method is to use a wet scrubber!

The water absorption method (wet scrubber) uses the characteristics of certain substances in the organic waste gas that are easily soluble in water, so that the organic waste gas components are directly contacted with water, so as to dissolve in water to achieve the purpose of removal. Some acid gases will be treated by adding active alkali, etc., and the wet scrubber can perform dust removal, demisting, filtering paint mist and dust removal effects. It is suitable for organic waste gas from water-soluble and organized emission sources. The process is simple, the management is convenient, and the operating cost of the equipment is low, but the secondary pollution is generated, and the washing liquid needs to be treated; the purification efficiency is low, and it should be used in combination with other technologies, and the treatment effect of organic waste gas is average.

Waste gas treatment

Wet scrubbers are divided into acid spray, alkali spray, and water spray for temperature reduction. There are two types of waste gas purification tower products: "vertical" and "horizontal". They are mainly used for waste gas treatment. Reasonable design and new high-tech packing, less resistance loss, large specific surface area, perfect chemical reaction, reasonable selection of gas-liquid ratio, high absorption and purification efficiency, corrosion resistance, good aging resistance, easy installation and maintenance, etc.

According to different scenarios, the materials are mostly pp, carbon steel and stainless steel. The products are widely used in NOX, SO2, H2SO4, HCl generated in the mechanical processing industries such as chemical industry, electroplating, hardware, electrical appliances, medicine, printing and dyeing, telecommunications, building materials, etc. , HF, SIF4 and other toxic and harmful gases purification. We can use PP, UPVC, FRPP and other anti-corrosion materials according to the needs of users. We can add fillers in the purification tower to improve the absorption effect. The top of the tower is equipped with a liquid-gas separator, water pump, fan, automatic dosing equipment ( Optional), etc. can be selected according to user needs. The whole set of waste gas treatment equipment meets the technical requirements of waste gas treatment in terms of structure and technology, and can meet my country's waste gas emission standards.

Exhaust gas scrubber production

The main equipment and processes are: atomization washing tower. It is a pretreatment equipment for dust and paint mist, and can also remove a small amount of organic gas. Using a high atomization system, the washing liquid can be atomized into tiny and uniform droplets, so that the gas and liquid are fully contacted, and fine particles can be removed. dry filter. It can comprehensively remove dust and paint mist, and a small amount of water vapor brought out from the wire mesh demister can also be cut off.

Wet scrubbers are also known as waste gas scrubbers, scrubbers, and purification towers; they are divided into acid scrubbers and alkaline scrubbers by nature; they can also be divided into vertical scrubbers and horizontal scrubbers by shape; PP washing tower, glass fiber reinforced plastic washing tower, etc. Wet scrubbers are also the most commonly used deodorization equipment and are suitable for all large and medium-sized enclosed or semi-enclosed spaces. After the odorous gas is collected by negative pressure, it enters the wet scrubber and removes the odorous molecules in the gas through a series of chemical reactions. Wet scrubbers have extremely high deodorization efficiency, small footprint, low operating costs, and automatic control. The appearance of the product is beautiful, and there are single-stage, two-stage and three-stage washing methods according to different occasions.

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