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Exhaust gas purification PP wet scrubber product introduction

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XICHENG EP LTD. specializes in the production of waste gas purification PP wet scrubber, which can be used to treat the acid mist exhaust gas generated in the industrial production workshop. The acid mist is sprayed and washed to purify and discharged after reaching the standard. The waste gas purification PP wet scrubber is designed for countercurrent packing absorption work. Principle: The main body of the waste gas purification PP wet scrubber adopts a vertical structure. The acid mist waste gas enters from the lower part of the tower body, passes through the packing layer, spray layer, and demister layer from bottom to top, and is discharged from the top exhaust port.

The waste gas purification PP wet scrubber is made of PP sheet rolls after forming and welding. The body is designed with a circulating water tank, acid mist inlet, packing layer, packing carrying grid, spray layer, demister layer, exhaust gas outlet and discharge port, It is composed of filler inlet and observation window.

Working principle of PP wet scrubber for exhaust gas purification

The waste gas purification PP wet scrubber is suitable for the acid mist treatment scheme. The acid mist waste gas is collected by the suction hood or other air collecting devices and then passed through the PP duct. Under the action of the end anticorrosive centrifugal fan, the acid mist waste gas is drawn into the waste gas purification In the PP wet scrubber, the acid mist exhaust gas flows upward in the purification tower, and the wind speed slows down. The filler layer with a large specific surface area and a certain concentration of sodium hydroxide alkali solution undergo acid-base neutralization reaction and absorption, and then pass the top of the tower to remove the mist. The water mist is removed from the layer, and the anti-corrosion centrifugal fan passes through the tower after exiting the tower. Under the action of the centrifugal fan, the gas is sent to the chimney system, and then the treated clean gas is discharged at an altitude of 15 meters.

Product features of PP wet scrubber

The wet scrubber has a reasonable structure design and adopts the new multi-faceted hollow sphere as the filler. The acid mist exhaust gas has low flow resistance in the tower, large specific surface area of the filler, perfect chemical reaction, reasonable selection of gas-liquid ratio, high absorption and purification efficiency, and corrosion resistance. It has good aging performance and is easy to install and maintain.

Exhaust gas purification PP wet scrubber

Strong ability to handle acid mist

The design of the waste gas scrubber has a large cross-sectional area to ensure that the flow rate of the empty tower meets the design requirements.

High processing efficiency

The acid mist stays in the tower for a long time, which ensures the time required for acid-base neutralization and high purification efficiency.

Simple structure

The waste gas purification PP wet scrubber adopts a backwash structure, which is suitable for installation in a small space and has a small footprint.

Stable operation

The wet scrubber system is simple in structure, designed with maintenance and inspection ports, automated control, and stable operation.

Low system resistance

The pressure drop of the waste gas wet scrubber gas passing through the packing layer per unit height is small.

PP scrubber product structure

Product Pictures-wet scrubber

The body of the PP scrubber contains: water storage tank, packing layer, spray layer, defogging layer, observation window, inspection port and base, etc.;

The circulating water part contains: vertical circulating water pump, UPVC circulating water pipe, TF28C spiral nozzle, water tank level controller, diaphragm pressure gauge and pipe ball valve;

The dosing system (optional) contains: PH online detector, dosing metering pump, dosing mixing tank, mixer, ultrasonic level gauge, etc.

Exhaust gas purification PP wet scrubber specification model

The wet scrubber produced by XICHENG EP LTD. has a variety of specifications. It is necessary to know the amount of exhaust gas before equipment selection, generally in cubic meters per minute (English: CMM), or cubic meters per hour (English: CMH), as well as the concentration of exhaust gas emissions, the unit PPM is the concentration of one part per million, or milligrams/cubic. For the specific calculation method of exhaust gas generation, please consult XICHENG professional technicians.

Technical Parameter Table :

Air volume
Drain outlet
Water tank
Inlet and 
outlet size
3000 800    8    DN32 600*700*H700      315 0.75 500
5000 1000    8    DN40 600*800*H700      400  1.5  500
8000 1200    8    DN40 600*1000*H700      500  2.2 500
10000 1500   10    DN40 700*1000*H700       550  2.2 500
12000 1600   10    DN50 700*1000*H700      600 3.75 500
15000 1800   10    DN50 700*1200*H700      650 3.75 500
20000 2000   10    DN50 700*1200*H700      750  5.5 500
25000 2200   10    DN50 700*1200*H700      950  5.5 600
30000 2500   12    DN65 700*1200*H700     1000  5.5 600
35000 2700   12    DN65 1000*700*H700     1100 7.5 600
40000 2900   12    DN65 1000*700*H700     1200 7.5 600
45000 3000   12    DN65 1000*700*H700     1250  7.5 600

Selection method of wet scrubber for waste gas treatment equipment

The exhaust gas treatment system produced by XICHENG EP LTD. is suitable for the treatment of acid-base type of exhaust gas. In the process of selecting the wet scrubber for exhaust gas, the problem of treatment capacity must first be clarified, that is, to determine the air volume, usually based on the exhaust air volume of the exhaust port. To determine, for example: there are 10 exhaust hoods, the diameter of each exhaust hood is 500mm, the air velocity of the hood is 0.5m/s, the air volume of the suction hood is 353m³/h, and 10 suction hoods are calculated. The air volume of the hood is 3530m³/h, and when converted to minutes, it is 59CMH. The SCR-80-9 model exhaust gas purification PP spray tower can be selected, and the calculated air volume takes the larger value.

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