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Commonly used industrial waste gas purification equipment

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If industrial waste gas is not purified and filtered, it will seriously damage the natural environment and human health operations. Industrial waste gas purification equipment is a purification system that must be installed in industrial production. What is the commonly used waste gas purification equipment?

1. wet scrubber exhaust gas purification equipment


1. High purification efficiency, the acid (alkali) mist exhaust gas purification tower adopts two-stage reverse spraying, the specific surface area of the filler is large, and the exhaust gas purification efficiency can reach about 95%;

2. Low resistance, far lower than activated carbon waste gas treatment;

3. It is the most energy-efficient in exhaust gas treatment equipment.

Wet scrubber system

2. Activated carbon adsorption exhaust gas purification equipment


1. High adsorption efficiency, large adsorption capacity, and wide application

2. Convenient maintenance, no technical requirements

3. Large specific surface area, good selective adsorption

4. Activated carbon has the characteristics of a wide range of sources and low prices

5. High adsorption efficiency and strong capacity

6. Easy and safe operation

Activated carbon adsorption system

3. Catalytic combustion exhaust gas purification equipment


1. Convenient operation: automatic control is realized when the equipment is working

2. Low energy consumption: it only takes 15-30 minutes for the equipment to start up to the light-off temperature (when the concentration of organic waste gas treatment is high); the energy consumption is only the power of the fan

3. Safe and reliable: the equipment is equipped with a fire prevention system, an explosion-proof pressure relief system, an over-temperature alarm system, and an advanced automatic control system.

4. Low resistance and high purification efficiency: adopting the current advanced precious metal palladium and platinum impregnated honeycomb ceramic carrier catalyst, with a large specific surface area

5. The waste heat can be reused: the waste heat can be returned to the drying tunnel to reduce the power consumption in the original drying tunnel; it can also be used as a heat source for other aspects. This is a feature that other waste gas treatment equipment does not have.

Catalytic purification system

Different types of exhaust gas purification equipment need to be selected according to various production industries. The primary purpose of using exhaust gas purification equipment is to purify industrial exhaust gas to meet the national air emission standards.

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