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Common problems and treatment methods of spray tower

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1: The liquid level of the water tank is not flat, the filter plate water pump is low on this side, and high on the other side.

Because the filter plate in the water tank is blocked, the flow of water is not smooth. If this happens frequently, it is recommended to add A.B suspending agent to the water tank. After adding (A.B suspending agent) for 30 minutes, the sundries will naturally float on the surface of the water, and it is enough to fish out with a fine sand net. Remember not to remove the filter plate for cleaning while the pump is running.


2: Why nozzles often clogged, how to clean?

First check whether the filter plate of the water tank is intact. Secondly, when cleaning up the debris in the water tank, do not take out the filter plate. Cleaning the nozzle: First, remove the window screws, remove the transparent plate, put on labor insurance clothes and enter the spray tower, remove the nozzle for cleaning, and reinstall the cleaned nozzle.


3: What should I do if the defogging layer and defogging effect of the spray tower are not good?

Under normal circumstances, the size of our spray tower is calculated according to the air volume, (the spray tower is larger or smaller). If the effect of the defogging layer is not good, first fill up the polyhedral ball of the defogging layer with the original air volume. If the mist still cannot be removed, make a defogger above the air outlet of the spray tower.


4: Why does the packing in the spray tower run to the side and how to deal with it?

It may be because the air volume of the fan is too large, and the size of the spray tower is inconsistent with the air volume of the fan, causing the packing to run to the side. Spread the filler flat, and spread a layer of mesh plate less than 5 cm in diameter on top of the filler.


5: Why does the packing often block up and how to deal with it?

The clogging of the filler is tender because the concentration of exhaust gas particles is too high. Triethanolamine or other cleaning solvents can be added to the water tank in the spray tower. Add a little detergent when adding medicaments, keep adding them frequently, in small amounts and frequently. In the end, there will be a lot of dirt in the water tank and spray tower. A.B suspending agent needs to be added to the water tank to allow the dirt to naturally float on the water. The dirt should be fished out with a fine sand net in time and cleaned up as the case may be.


6: Why does the water in the water tank flow into the tower when the fan is turned on, and why does the water fill the water tank when it is shut down?

1. The air volume is too large and the inlet and outlet dimensions are inconsistent. It is necessary to add a frequency converter to the fan to control the air volume. 2. The size of the water hole between the water tank and the spray tower is too large, and the hole needs to be made smaller. 3. Open the overflow of the water tank a little higher, and lower the float.


7. The water pump runs normally and the nozzle water volume is very small, why?

Check whether the water inlet at the bottom of the pump is dirty or blocked, and clean it in time if there is any. Check whether the water pump wheel is blocked by impurities. Check whether the nozzle is clogged, disassemble the window to check the spraying situation of the nozzle, and clean and repair it in time.

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