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Common methods of industrial ventilation duct design

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With the in-depth development of social industrialization, there are also many categories of industrial ventilation duct designs, and different production situations have different requirements for the operating environment. For example, in chemical operations, since gases with harmful factors are easily generated during such operations, ventilation pipes are often used to purify air and other needs; while electronic operations are mainly based on temperature control and humidity control.

Exhaust exhaust air duct

Finally, combined with the scope of its role, whether there is a power system, etc., it can be divided into the following five ways:

1. Comprehensive ventilation. Comprehensive ventilation is subdivided into four modes: dilution, one-way circulation, uniform circulation, and replacement. It is designed to circulate or replace the entire area of the industrial area, dilute and exclude the harmful factors, low concentrations, or excess moisture and heat in the entire space area to below the hygienic standard limit to ensure that the air of cleanliness.

2. Local ventilation. There are two types of local ventilation: local air supply and local exhaust. The main purpose is to use local air circulation to purify the air and reduce the adverse effects of harmful factors.

3. Mechanical ventilation. Through the power system, air circulation and replacement are promoted by the air pressure caused by the fan. Common in the chemical industry, it can quickly discharge indoor toxic and harmful pollutants from mechanical ventilation pipes to designated treatment areas for decomposition and purification.

4. Natural ventilation. Natural ventilation, as the name implies, is a kind of air circulation under the heat pressure caused by the wind pressure formed by the outdoor wind and the temperature difference between the indoor and outdoor air. It is an unpowered ventilation method based on natural factors. Due to the instability of natural factors, it is rarely used by industry alone, and is often used in combination with other methods.

5. Accident ventilation. Accident ventilation is a very special type of ventilation in the industry. It is usually a ventilation method that eliminates or dilutes the presence of a large number of toxic pollutants or potentially explosive gases or vapors caused by industrial accidents. Ensure that there are enough reliable ventilation ducts to cope with the ventilation volume when an accident occurs. In fact, to achieve a more comprehensive ventilation effect, it is common to combine at least two ventilation methods.

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