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Classification and application of polypropylene PP sheet

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PP sheet, also known as polypropylene (PP) sheet (PP pure sheet, modified PP sheet, reinforced PP sheet), is a semi-crystalline material. It is harder and has a higher melting point than PE. Since homopolymer PP is very brittle at temperatures above 0 °C, many commercial PP materials are random copolymers with 1 to 4% ethylene added or pincer copolymers with higher ethylene content.

PP sheet classification

Pure PP sheet

Low density, easy welding and processing, excellent chemical resistance, heat resistance and impact resistance, non-toxic, odorless are the projects that are more in line with environmental protection requirements.

One of the plastics. The main colors are white, computer color, other colors can also be customized according to customer requirements. Application range: acid and alkali resistant equipment.

PPs flame retardant sheet

PPs sheet is a kind of flame retardant plastic sheet, and flame retardant is added to the raw material. The biggest advantage of the flame retardant board is that the flame will automatically go out within 30 to 10 seconds after leaving the fire source, which can greatly reduce the loss caused by the fire.

The production cost of PPs flame retardant sheet is higher, and the price is higher than that of different PP sheets, which are generally used in laboratories and chemical factories.

PP sheets

Glass fiber reinforced PP board

Glass fiber reinforced PP board (FRPP board): After being reinforced by 20% glass fiber, in addition to maintaining the original excellent performance, the strength and rigidity are doubled compared with PP, and it has good heat resistance, low temperature impact resistance , Anti-corrosion arc resistance, low shrinkage. Especially suitable for chemical fiber, chlor-alkali, petroleum, dye, pesticide, food, medicine, light industry, metallurgy, sewage treatment and other fields.

PP sheet application range

  • Advertising billboards, advertising backboards;

  • Recycling boxes, including reused recycling boxes, vegetable and fruit packaging boxes, clothes storage boxes, and stationery boxes in various industries;

  • Industrial boards, including the protection of the outer packaging of wires and cables, the protection of the outer packaging of glass, steel plates, various items, pads, racks, partitions, bottom plates, etc.;

  • Protection board, the era of protecting construction materials with cardboard and plywood is gone forever. With the progress of the times and the improvement of taste, to ensure the integrity of the decoration design before it is completed and put into use, proper protection should be given to maintain the operation. Economy, safety and convenience, as well as the protection of building elevators and floors before acceptance.

  • Electronic industry protection. Conductive packaging products are mainly used in the packaging of electronic components such as IC wafers, IC packaging, testing, TFT-LCD, optoelectronics, etc. The purpose is to prevent other charged objects from contacting them, causing spark damage to parts due to electric friction. In addition, there are conductive and antistatic plastic plates, turnover boxes and so on. In addition to the above products, PP board can also be used in the packaging of washing machine backplane, refrigerator insulation layer, frozen food, medicine, sugar and wine, etc. The hollow board production line can also be used to produce PE hollow board to supply insulation room partitions required for urban construction and rural areas.

  • Environmental protection equipment, because PP sheet is resistant to acid and alkali corrosion, it is widely used in the production of wet scrubbers, activated carbon adsorption boxes, chemical storage equipment, and waste gas treatment equipment.

  • Ventilation duct system, PP sheet can be made into PP ventilation duct by processing. PP air duct can be used to transport highly corrosive gas or waste gas, air conditioning ventilation duct, laboratory ventilation duct.

  • The most suitable production material for PP water tank, industrial electroplating tank, pickling tank and chemical storage tank is PP sheet.

Wet Scrubber System Loading

Product size specification

Product thickness: 3~30mm
Recommended specifications: 1500×3000mm, 1220×2440mm, 1000×2000mm, other sizes need to be customized.
Customized Specifications: Sheet length can be customized

Color: The color of PP board is usually natural color, beige (beige), porcelain white, milky white, and gray.

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