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China manufacturer plastic pipe reducer/large air duct pipe reducers

  • XC-15

  • Xicheng

  • 3917400000


PP pipe reducer  is widely used in the transmission of waste gas pipeline system.Because of the obstruction of the transmission medium, the three pass material can be divided into: cast iron, cast steel, plastic, glass and so on. Because of its unique performance advantages, the plastic pipe fittings are becoming more and more important in the application market. In the plastic pipe and pipe fittings, polypropylene is stable, affordable, cost-effective, and the manufacturing process continues to improve, and its performance has been continuously enhanced. It has been accepted by more and more customers and has been widely used in various fields.

2.Parameter Table


φ110-φ90 φ160-φ110 φ160-φ90 φ200-φ110
φ250-φ160 φ315-φ200 φ315-φ250 φ200-φ160
φ400-φ315 φ400-φ250 φ500-φ315 φ500-φ250

bj-ZT-2 (8).jpgbj-ZT-2 (9).jpg



Form Name

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