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Calculation Method of Circulating Water Consumption of Wet Scrubber

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Wet scrubber air pollution control equipment is used for waste gas purification treatment. UPC has professional technicians to provide wet scrubber drawing design, data calculation and scrubber production. Wet scrubber

It is mainly used in acid and alkali waste gas treatment, wet purification and absorption. In the process of washing tower design, the selection of spray circulating water pump is involved, which requires the calculation of the circulating water volume of the washing tower. The engineering experience is summarized as follows.

How to choose a wet scrubber nozzle

Water pipe nozzle

The scrubber uses wet scrubbing to treat waste gas, so the calculation of the spray flow is the core. For a complete wet scrubber system, uniform water distribution is the first consideration. The choice of spraying and water distribution inside the tower body is very important. In order to achieve the effect of uniform spraying, the calculation method of the circulating water consumption of the washing tower is very important. We usually use PP material spiral nozzles. The arrangement position of the spiral nozzles and the selected specifications and models are determined. The amount of circulating water in the washing tower.

Wet scrubber nozzle parameters

Before describing the calculation method of the circulating water consumption of the washing tower, the first thing to talk about is the nozzle. The spiral nozzle is divided into two types: full cone type and hollow cone type. In order to achieve uniformity in the washing tower, the full cone nozzle must be selected. Secondly, the nozzle standard has an angle of 60 degrees, 90 degrees, 120 degrees and 150 degrees. You don’t need to worry about it. The actual meaning depends on the pressure of the water pump spraying within a range of lift. Different pressures have different opening angles of the nozzles. It is advisable to reach a spraying angle of 120 degrees.

Calculation of circulating water volume of washing tower

Next, I will describe the calculation method of the circulating water consumption of the washing tower. Through the conversion of the above data, the flow rate of the nozzle is 92L/min under the pressure of 1.5 kg. Of course, this is a theoretical value. According to the engineering experience of Universal Environmental Protection and its own test results , after calculating the loss, when each nozzle reaches the required spray angle of 120 degrees, the flow per minute is 81L. Usually we calculate it as 80L. When spraying in the exhaust gas washing tower at an angle of 120L, if you want to To calculate the number of spray nozzles, you also need to know the height of the spray.

Height of wet scrubber nozzle from packing

Packing layer inside plastic scrubber

In order to spray evenly and reasonably without waste, we usually install the spiral nozzle to the height of the multi-faceted hollow ball filler to be 300mm. At a height of 300mm, and with an angle of 120 degrees, the spray coverage can be calculated at this time, and CAD can be used. The way to draw a circle, as long as the range is covered and there is no dead angle, the arrangement of the spiral nozzle is successful.

Proportion description: If we use a washing tower with a diameter of 2500MM and choose 8 spray nozzles, as long as the flow and pressure are sufficient, we can calculate the theoretical flow demand value of the circulating pump to be 640L/M. Of course, this is a reverse push method. An algorithm should calculate the required total liquid flow rate by calculating the gas flow rate, and then calculate the flow rate of the circulating pump. If the design is reasonable, the results obtained by one forward and one reverse algorithm are basically consistent. The above is the calculation method of the circulating water volume of the washing tower, which is only for industry parameters and communication.

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