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Application areas of polypropylene (PP)

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Polypropylene (PP), as one of the five general-purpose plastics, is widely used in daily life. Polypropylene is the lightest plastic material with the appearance of colorless and translucent particles. As a food-grade plastic, it is widely used in food packaging, such as foam plastic boxes, PP plastic cups and so on. Polypropylene can be divided into five categories according to its main purpose: PP injection molding, PP drawing, PP fiber, PP film, and PP pipe.

1. PP injection molding: PP injection molding is mainly used in small household appliances, toys, washing machines, auto parts and so on. In recent years, the improvement of people's living standards and the implementation of the national second-child policy have gradually increased the downstream demand for polypropylene injection molding. Different injection molding products have different demands in the off-peak and peak seasons. For example, injection molding pots and barrels are in demand in the first school season. It is more prosperous, and the demand for accessories and gifts is affected by many festive celebrations. Generally speaking, the application of PP injection plastics is relatively frequent.


2. PP wire drawing: Polypropylene wire drawing is mainly used in plastic woven products. The daily used container bags, woven bags, food bags and transparent bags are all PP wire drawing products. Since the implementation of the domestic environmental protection policy in 2017, cement, building materials The demand for packaging has continued to decline, and the plastic woven industry has suffered a considerable impact. The corresponding PP plastic woven market is under pressure. In the future, the proportion of PP plastic woven in the overall use of polypropylene will continue to decline, and the plastic woven industry will gradually expand into Large quality packaging bags or low-volume, low-content small packaging bags.

3. PP film: Polypropylene film is generally divided into BOPP film, CPP film, IPP film, PP film is mainly used for food packaging. Compared with PE packaging bags, PP film food packaging bags have better transparency, greater hardness and more appearance. High-end, downstream demand is mainly concentrated around festivals and holidays.

4. PP fiber: Polypropylene fiber is a fiber product made by melt spinning polypropylene as a raw material. Mainly used in decoration, clothing and other fields. Since the implementation of the second-child policy in 2011, downstream wet wipes, diapers and other maternal and child products have surged, and there has been a shortage of domestic fiber materials. According to statistics, the global demand for fibers will continue to grow substantially, and the compound annual growth rate from 2017 to 2025 is expected to be 2.6%. Therefore, the downstream demand for PP fiber materials will continue to grow in the later period.

PP duct custom

5. PP pipe: Due to the non-toxic and high-temperature resistance of polypropylene, PP pipe material is mainly used in water supply and heating systems. Compared with PE pipe, PP pipe is lighter in weight, convenient to transport, and has better environmental performance. Can be recycled.

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