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Ammonia Scrubber

The ammonia adsorption scrubber is mainly used to treat the ammonia tail gas volatilized from the exhaust port at the top of the ammonia water storage tank, the ammonia water dosing box and the ammonia water metering box. The principle of absorption achieves the purpose of purifying and absorbing ammonia gas.
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The material of the ammonia scrubber body is PP polypropylene. The influent water is tap water or recycle water in the plant, and the drained water can be connected to the waste liquid collection tank for collection. The ammonia gas scrubber is simple to install, easy to operate, and has high absorption and purification efficiency of ammonia gas. It is the most widely used ammonia gas absorption device at present. .

The working principle of ammonia adsorption scrubber

The produced ammonia scrubber adopts the principle of spray absorption, and is mainly used to absorb the ammonia gas generated from the exhaust port of the ammonia water storage tank. Ammonia scrubbers take advantage of the fact that ammonia is easily soluble in water. When ammonia water is injected into the ammonia water storage tank or metering box, since the ammonia water storage tank and the ammonia water metering box are closed atmospheric pressure containers, when ammonia water is filled into the storage tank , Positive pressure is generated inside the storage tank. Under the action of the positive pressure, the ammonia gas formed by the volatilization of the liquid surface in the tank is discharged into the ammonia gas adsorption device through the exhaust port of the storage tank. Inside the ammonia gas scrubber, it is sprayed by tap water. In this way, the packing layer in the ammonia scrubber contacts the spray water, and an absorption reaction occurs, and the ammonia gas dissolves in water to achieve the purpose of absorption and purification.

Product structure of ammonia adsorption scrubber

The ammonia scrubber has a simple structure, a vertical structure, and a small footprint. It is composed of bottom water tank, middle filling absorption section, spray section and top exhaust section. There are 4 inlet and outlet pipes, which are ammonia gas inlet, exhaust outlet, spray water inlet and liquid outlet.

Process flow of ammonia adsorption scrubber

The ammonia scrubber adopts a counter-flow process design, and there is no need to add chemicals in the process of ammonia treatment. The ammonia gas from the ammonia water storage tank enters the ammonia scrubber from the bottom and passes through the packing layer upward. The packing designed by Xicheng Ep is a diameter of 50mm multi-faceted hollow sphere, the filler is light in weight and has a large specific surface area, which can make the ammonia gas fully contact with the spray water and improve the absorption and purification efficiency. The gas after absorption and purification is discharged from the elbow at the top of the ammonia scrubber.

Selection method of ammonia adsorption scrubber

For ammonia water storage tanks and metering boxes of different volumes, the design method of spray absorption of ammonia gas is adopted. The height of the layer mass transfer unit - Hog and the number of mass transfer units - Nog, get the diameter of the ammonia scrubber and the height of the packing layer (Z=Hog*Nog).



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