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Advantages of PP pipe

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PP pipe, also known as polypropylene tube, has the advantages of energy saving and material saving, environmental protection, light weight and high strength, corrosion resistance, smooth inner wall without scaling, simple construction and maintenance, and long service life. It is widely used in chemical, electronic and electrical, metallurgy, electroplating, oxidation, pickling, textile, food, machinery manufacturing and other industries. PP pipes are made of polypropylene through extrusion and injection molding to become pipe fittings.


1. Extremely high wear resistance


The ultra-high molecular weight polypropylene pipe is as high as 2 million or more, and the wear index is the smallest, which makes it have extremely high resistance to sliding friction. The wear resistance is 6.6 times higher than general alloy steel and 6 times of nylon, which greatly improves the service life of the pipeline.


2. Very high impact resistance


In the existing engineering plastics, the impact toughness value of ultra-high molecular weight pipes is relatively high. Many materials will crack, break, break or surface stress fatigue during repeated impacts. This product is in accordance with QB/T 1929-2006 Section 6/7 and GB/T 14152-2001 standards, after repeated drop hammer impact tests, it can achieve no damage. Therefore, PP pipes can withstand extreme environments such as external force shocks and pressure fluctuations.


3. Corrosion resistance


Ultra-high molecular weight polypropylene pipe is a saturated molecular group structure, so its chemical stability is extremely high. This product can withstand the corrosion of strong chemical substances. Except for some strong acids that have slight corrosion at high temperatures, it is not corroded in other lye and acid solutions. It can be used in concentrated hydrochloric acid with a concentration of less than 80%. It is quite stable in sulfuric acid with a concentration of less than 75% and nitric acid with a concentration of less than 20% under a 60 C°environment.


4. not easy to scale


Due to the small friction coefficient and non-polarity, the ultra-high molecular weight polypropylene pipe has good surface non-adhesion, and the ultra-high molecular weight polypropylene pipe has high smoothness. The existing materials generally scale in the medium with a pH value of 9 or more. , Ultra-high molecular weight polypropylene pipes do not scale, this feature is of great significance to the use of coal ash discharge systems in thermal power stations.


5. Long service life.


The service life of PP pipe can reach more than 50 years under the conditions of working temperature of 70℃ and working pressure (P.N) of 1.0MPa; service life of more than 100 years under normal temperature (20℃).


6. Easy installation and reliable connection.


PP has good welding performance. The pipes and fittings are connected by hot melt, which is easy to install and reliable. The strength of the joint is greater than the strength of the pipe itself.

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