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Advantages and disadvantages of wet scrubbers

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The circular towers of the wet scrubber are connected by flanged sections. The specific layout of the washing tower consists of an air inlet section, a pressure chamber, a bubbling liquid storage tank, a secondary spray section, a swirl plate and an air outlet cone cap. It has the advantages of convenient manufacture, convenient equipment maintenance and small footprint. The acid mist exhaust gas is pressed into the inner cylinder of the purification tower by the fan to form a pressure chamber, and then the pressure chamber is distributed to each bubbling tube. Improve the purification ability; then enter the spray layer, the spray method adopts double-layer packing, two-stage spray, can fully contact gas and liquid, improve the purification ability.

Wet scrubbers should be installed after a thorough inspection of all components to confirm that there is no damage or deformation. If any defects or deformations are found, they should be repaired before the equipment is put into use. The absorption tower needs to be installed on the concrete foundation, which is consistent with the horizontal line of the concrete foundation, and the assembled absorption tower needs to be straight. When the absorption tower is assembled, the flanges of each department should be sealed to prevent gas overflow and liquid leakage. After the acid mist purification tower equipment is put into operation, the debris and dirt in each circulation system should be carefully checked to prevent blockage. When the scrubber is used, it needs to be managed by a special person. Regularly check the ventilation system, liquid circulation system and liquid spray equipment for abnormalities. The circulating liquid volume should be maintained, and the liquid level is only below the overflow port.

The wet scrubber adopts a circular tower body, which consists of a liquid storage tank, a tower body, an air inlet section, a spray layer, a packing layer, a cyclone demisting layer, an air outlet cone cap, and an observation window. The absorption liquid is pressurized by the water pump at the bottom of the tower and sprayed downward at the top of the tower, and then flows back to the bottom of the tower for recycling. The purified acid mist exhaust gas meets the emission requirements of local emission standards and is lower than the national emission standards.

Advantages of wet scrubbers:

1. The wet scrubber not only has the characteristics of high rotation speed and is not easy to corrode, but also has the characteristics of good strength, low noise, low power consumption and small size, and is suitable for continuous and intermittent waste gas treatment;

2. The process is simple, the management, operation and maintenance are proper, convenient and concise, and will not have any impact on the workshop production;

3. Wide application range, can purify a variety of pollutants at the same time; pressure drop, flexible operation, strong demisting performance;

4. The important thing is that the wet scrubber is easy to disassemble and maintain, and easy to use. The reason why the air is fresh now is that the wet scrubber has a very good purification effect;

5. The wet scrubber packing adopts high-speed and low-resistance Pall ring, which can completely remove the odor and harmful substances in the gas.

Wet scrubbers are purification equipment for purchasing and processing acid mist. Most wet scrubbers use fluid extraction to purify and treat corrosive gases such as acidic and alkaline exhaust gases. The acid mist exhaust gas enters the wet scrubber through the ventilation pipe, and then completes the neutralization reaction in two stages according to the packing layer, the exhaust gas and the sodium hydroxide extract. After the purified acid mist exhaust gas is dried and demisted by the demisting plate, it is discharged into the atmosphere by the fan. The extracted liquid flows out of the bottom of the tower after passing through the booster pump at the bottom of the tower and flows back to the bottom of the tower for recycling.

Disadvantages of wet scrubbers:

1. The purification efficiency of the wet scrubber is low. If you need to improve the purification efficiency, you need to add other auxiliary equipment, or install a multi-stage scrubber system.

2. Regular maintenance is required, and problems such as blockage of water pipes and reduction of purification efficiency are easy to occur without maintenance for a long time.

3. Wet scrubbers need to consume more water resources to maintain purification efficiency.

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