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Advantages and application scope of activated carbon adsorption box

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Brief introduction of activated carbon adsorption box

Activated carbon adsorption box is an economical and practical organic waste gas purification and treatment device that meets the standard rate; it is an environmental protection equipment product for waste gas filtration and adsorption of peculiar smell. The activated carbon adsorption box has the advantages of high adsorption efficiency, wide application, convenient maintenance, and can handle a variety of mixed exhaust gases at the same time. This equipment is an adsorption equipment for purifying high-concentration organic waste gas and paint waste gas. It uses the high-strength adsorption force of activated carbon itself, combined with the action of the fan to adsorb the organic waste gas molecules, and absorbs organic solvents such as benzene, alcohol, ketone, ester, gasoline and so on. The exhaust gas has a good adsorption effect.

Activated carbon is widely used for adsorption and recovery of organic gases due to its large specific surface area and microporous structure. At present, the research on the adsorption of organic gases by activated carbon mainly focuses on the prediction of adsorption equilibrium, the modification of activated carbon materials and the effect of the physicochemical properties of organic substances on the adsorption performance of activated carbon.

Advantages of activated carbon adsorption box

  1.  Suitable for low concentrations of various pollutants;

  2.  The price of activated carbon is not high, the energy consumption is low, and it is more economical to apply;

  3.  Solvent organics can be recovered by desorption condensation;

  4.  It is easy to apply and can only play a role in contact with the same air;

  5.  Activated carbon has good acid and alkali resistance and heat resistance, and has high chemical stability.

Scope of application of activated carbon adsorption box

The activated carbon adsorption box is suitable for the working environment with low concentration and large air volume or intermittent emission of waste gas with high concentration. The main application areas include: electronic component production, battery production, pickling workshops, laboratory exhaust, metallurgy, chemical plants, pharmaceutical production plants, painting workshops and brewing, furniture production and other industries exhaust gas purification.

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