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Activated carbon adsorption tower product overview

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Activated carbon exhaust gas adsorption tower, commonly known as activated carbon adsorption device or activated carbon adsorber, has a good and stable purification treatment effect for organic waste gas treatment. It is a commonly used engineering equipment for organic waste gas treatment in industrial waste gas treatment projects. It is a self-developed and produced company This kind of exhaust gas adsorption device has the advantages of high adsorption efficiency, mature and reliable process, wide application range, convenient maintenance, and simultaneous treatment of multiple mixed exhaust gases. It is widely used in the production of electronic components, battery production, pickling operations, and experiments. Waste gas treatment for room exhaust, metallurgy, chemical industry, medicine, painting, food, brewing and furniture production, painting waste gas, etc.

Gas adsorption equipment

Drawer type internal structure, it is more convenient to replace activated carbon

Working principle of activated carbon adsorption tower

Activated carbon adsorber is a high-efficiency, economical and practical organic waste gas purification and treatment device; it is an environmental protection equipment product for waste gas filtration and adsorption of pollutants. Activated carbon adsorber has the advantages of high adsorption efficiency, wide application, mature and reliable technology, convenient maintenance, and can treat multiple mixed waste gas at the same time. This equipment is an adsorption equipment for purifying high-concentration organic waste gas and volatile organic waste gas. It uses the high-strength adsorption power of activated carbon itself, combined with the action of a fan, to adsorb and intercept pollutant waste gas molecules. Exhaust gas from organic solvents such as the like has a good adsorption effect.

At the same time, according to the characteristics of the exhaust gas emitted in different production processes, such as the temperature of the exhaust gas, whether it contains oil mist, dust and other related parameters, pretreatment devices or functional sections such as cooling devices and filtering measures are built in or added to the inlet of the exhaust gas equipment. The adsorption section is well protected to ensure that the adsorption tower operates in a highly efficient state.

Performance characteristics of activated carbon adsorption tower

1. High adsorption efficiency and strong capacity;

2. The equipment has compact structure, small floor space, simple and convenient maintenance and management, and low operating cost;

3. It can treat multiple mixed organic waste gas at the same time;

4. Using automatic control operation design, easy and safe operation;

5. Fully enclosed type, can be used indoors and outdoors.

6. The process is mature and reliable

Working principle of activated carbon tower

Scope of application of activated carbon adsorption tower

It is suitable for the working environment of low concentration and large air volume or high concentration of intermittent exhaust gas discharge. The main application areas include: electronic component production, battery production, pickling workshop, laboratory exhaust, metallurgy, chemical plants, pharmaceutical production plants, painting workshops, food and brewing, furniture production and other industries waste gas purification, among them It is especially suitable for the treatment and purification of spray paint exhaust gas. The activated carbon adsorber can treat organic waste gas economically and effectively, and the removal rate can be as high as 90%. Pure activated carbon adsorption treatment of organic waste gas is to use the characteristics of activated carbon micropores to absorb organic substances, adsorb the organic solvent in the organic waste gas into the activated carbon and concentrate, and the gas after adsorption and purification is directly emptied. Its essence is a physical adsorption and concentration process, which can efficiently adsorb and remove pollutants.

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