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Activated carbon adsorption box product introduction

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Specializing in the production of activated carbon adsorption boxes, which are mainly used for the purification and treatment of VOC organic waste gas. The activated carbon adsorption box is a dry exhaust gas purification equipment composed of a box body and an activated carbon adsorption unit filled in the box body. Activated carbon adsorption box is an efficient, economical and practical organic waste gas treatment equipment, which plays a role in filtering and adsorbing peculiar smell; activated carbon adsorption box is widely used in the treatment of VOC organic waste gas discharged in workshops, laboratories and other environments, such as benzene, alcohol, Volatile gases such as ketones, ethers, alkanes, aldehydes, phenols, etc. are mainly used in chemical, machinery, printing, rubber, furniture, electromechanical, shipbuilding, automotive, petroleum and other industries.

Working principle of activated carbon adsorption box

In the adsorption process of the activated carbon adsorption box, because of the unbalanced and unsaturated molecular gravitation or chemical bonding force on the surface of the activated carbon solid, when the solid surface is in contact with the gas, it can attract the gas molecules, make them concentrated and remain in the solid Surface, this phenomenon is called adsorption. Using the adsorption capacity of the solid surface, the exhaust gas is in contact with the porous solid material on the large surface, and the pollutants in the exhaust gas are adsorbed on the solid surface to separate it from the gas mixture to achieve the purpose of purification. After the organic waste gas passes through the air filter to remove the tiny suspended particles, it enters the adsorption box. After being adsorbed by the activated carbon in the box, the harmful components are removed. The purified gas that meets the emission standards is discharged out of the room through the fan.

Gas adsorption equipment

Product features of activated carbon adsorption box

The activated carbon adsorption box treats VOC organic waste gas with mature technology, stable operation and good treatment effect. At the same time, according to the characteristics of the exhaust gas emitted in the production of different processes, such as the exhaust gas temperature, whether it contains oil mist, dust and other related parameters, pretreatment devices such as coolers and primary filters can be built in or added to the inlet of the activated carbon adsorption box. It protects the activated carbon adsorption section and ensures that the activated carbon adsorption box operates in a high-efficiency state. The produced activated carbon adsorption box has high adsorption efficiency and purification capacity to meet national environmental protection requirements.

High adsorption efficiency and strong capacity:

  • The equipment has compact structure, small floor space, simple and convenient maintenance and management, and low operating cost;

  • Able to treat a variety of mixed organic waste gas simultaneously;

  • Using automatic control operation design, easy and safe operation;

  • Fully enclosed type, can be used indoors and outdoors

Activated carbon adsorption box composition structure

The activated carbon adsorption box produced is simple in structure. There are two types of vertical structure and horizontal structure. The commonly used one is a horizontal structure. The inlet and outlet are on both sides and on the same axis. The horizontal activated carbon adsorption box contains the following components.

The body part of the adsorption box contains: air inlet, air outlet, and activated carbon layer.

The adsorption layer of the adsorption box contains: perforated plate, adsorption material inlet and outlet, and emergency channel;

Activated carbon adsorption box structure diagram

Activated carbon adsorption box material introduction

The activated carbon adsorption box is mainly made of PP polypropylene sheet, which is resistant to acid, alkali and organic solvent corrosion, UV light, light weight, can be used outdoors for a long time, and does not rust.

Activated carbon adsorption box specifications

Activated carbon adsorption box manufacturing and installation piping services, VOC activated carbon adsorption box according to the user's site processing air volume and installation space, China Xicheng provides the following different models to meet the different installation needs of customers.

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