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Acid mist exhaust gas treatment equipment-acid mist scrubber

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Material characteristics of acid mist scrubber

1. Excellent corrosion resistance, lightweight and high strength, not easy to scale, can withstand the advantages of almost all inorganic media and most organic solvents, and significantly improve the product's mass transfer effect. In some cases, it has replaced the traditional plate type. tower;

2. Compact structure, convenient installation, and minor maintenance workload;

3. Large exhaust gas treatment capacity, high purification rate, and long service life.

4. Applicable temperature: -10~100℃ (PP material); -5℃~+50℃ (PVC material)

Installation and commissioning of acid mist scrubber

1. When the user installs the acid mist scrubber, the concrete foundation should be made on the concrete foundation 150mm above the ground, and the water pump and fan should be made as a concrete foundation according to the requirements.

2. Pay attention to the product's protection during transportation and installation, and do not damage the body and parts.

3. When the purification tower leaves the factory, we will use the segmented packaging and transportation according to the specific conditions. The working technicians of Tianqing Environmental Protection will go to the site to install and debug.

4. If the acid mist scrubber is to be used outdoors, anti-freezing measures should be taken for the pool at the bottom of the tower body in winter.

5. The pool at the bottom of the equipment is marked with the liquid level. Be sure to inject the absorption liquid according to the fluid mark before use. Pay attention to supplement the absorption liquid during use.

6. When using the purification tower, turn on the circulating water pump for 2-3 minutes, and then turn on the blower. When shutting down, stop the blower for 1-2 minutes before stopping the circulating water pump.

7. The acid depth of the liquid in the pool at the bottom of the tower and the degree of gas purification at the exhaust outlet should be checked regularly according to the usage conditions. The absorbent in the bottom pool should be replaced.

8. Please note that the user service will perform an overhaul in the acid mist scrubber after one and a half to two years of use, check the packing of the disc-shaped spray pipe and the packing, and clean it.

Introduction to the process of acid mist scrubber of acid mist exhaust gas treatment equipment

1. Bag-type dust collector, electrostatic induction/wet electric dust collector, heating furnace desulfurization and dust removal, natural gas boiler low nitrogen renovation, and renovation.

2. Voc volatile industrial waste gas treatment equipment (UV photo oxygen, low-temperature plasma, catalytic combustion device, activated carbon).

3. PP spray tower, PP pipeline, PP strong acid, and strong alkali tank, and PP products are customized for production and processing.

4. Wastewater integration equipment, nanotechnology water quality cleaning equipment, sludge reduction equipment, wastewater disinfection, and sterilization equipment, ozone disinfection machine, wastewater, cooling circulating water medicine (various special medicine machines).

The scope of application of acid mist scrubber

1. It has a wide range of applications, including sulfuric acid, nitric acid, hydrochloric acid, hydrofluoric acid, and other exhaust gases and sulfur oxides (SOx) emitted during the production process of industrial sectors such as chemical industry, light industry, printing, and dyeing, medicine, steel, machinery, electronics, instrumentation, electroplating, etc., Nitrogen oxides (NOx), carbon oxides (CO, CO2) and other acid gases, using PP wet scrubber series acid mist purification equipment, can get satisfactory results.

2. The purification efficiency is high. The PP wet scrubber adopts two-stage reverse spraying, and the filler has a large specific surface area. The gas-liquid ratio determined by experimental research ensures stable performance. The purification efficiency of acidic waste gas with various concentrations can reach 85%- 95%.

3. The resistance of the equipment is low. On the basis of ensuring sufficient gas-liquid contact area, the PP wet scrubber series acid mist purification tower selects the packing variety and structure with the best aerodynamic characteristics so that the equipment resistance does not exceed 40 mm water column under the rated air volume. , Is the lowest resistance among all kinds of packing absorption towers in China. This is hugely advantageous for the use of corrosion-resistant low-pressure fans.

4. Small footprint. The PP wet scrubber combines the tower body, absorption tank, circulating pump, and absorption pipeline system into a complete set of equipment, compact structure, easy on-site installation and operation management, small footprint, no matter what It can be adapted to new projects or technological transformation projects.

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