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Acid Gas Removal System

The acid gas removal system can treat various inorganic and organic waste gases such as sulfuric acid, nitric acid, hydrochloric acid, formic acid, acetic acid, propionic acid, hydrofluoric acid, hydrogen sulfide, etc. The acid fume scrubber can efficiently remove the harmful waste gas in the acid fume gas, and neutralize the acidic components by means of acid-base neutralization.
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Product Description of Acid Gas Removal System

When you use any number of chemicals in an industrial or municipal setting, these chemicals can pose a health hazard to everyone in the facility if not handled with care. Many chemical applications generate vapor fumes that are harmful to human health and the environment. If these fumes are not treated accordingly, they can also compromise the integrity and efficiency of the fuel tank. To get rid of these fumes, you should look into acid gas removal system.

A sour acid gas removal system is a device designed to help with chemical and pollution control. When installed correctly, acid mist scrubbers can mitigate toxic vapors, chemical gases, odors, acid mist and particulates. These fumes are delivered through a medium within the device that absorbs and dissolves any harmful and unwanted fumes. Acid fume scrubbers are especially important for industrial facilities responsible for compliance with federal regulations related to air pollutants.

While an acid gas removal system is similar to an odor scrubber, it has additional features and features that allow you to get rid of many different types of air pollutants that an odor scrubber may not be able to effectively remove. The most common chemical that requires a sour fume scrubber is hydrochloric acid. National emission standards for hydrochloric acid and similar chemicals are in place.

Main structure of acid gas removal system

  • The liquid storage tank, liquid replenishment tank and air inlet round pipe are made of PP material or FRP composite material. The pumping tube has fluid filtration.

  • The first and second injection sections of the waste acid gas removal system are equipped with plastic or stainless steel nozzles. PP filter material is selected, and there is a viewing window outside the tower.

  • Water retaining plate is added to the water retaining section to improve water retaining performance.

  • Air outlet and matching cover.

  • Anti-corrosion centrifugal fan for ventilation

  • Plastic water slurry or stainless steel centrifugal pump

  • Other components of our sour fume scrubbers include plastic duct valves, fixing brackets, maintenance ladders, air intake pipes, extractor covers, and more.

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Process flow

Acid fumes are pumped or sucked into the intake pipe by a centrifugal fan. It rises to the first filter layer, where it reacts with the neutralizing solution sprayed from the first set of nozzles of our spent sour fume scrubber. The remaining flue gas enters the second filter layer and reacts with the neutralizing solution sprayed by the second group of nozzles again. The airflow will then pass through a swirl baffle and exit through a vent cap and exhaust duct or vent fan. The final exhaust can meet relevant environmental protection standards. After absorbing acid fumes, the neutralizing solution is circulated by the pump

The benefits of acid gas removal system include:

  • Very low water consumption

  • Low maintenance cost

  • High chemical fume removal rate

  • Simple operation and easy maintenance

  • High-strength anti-corrosion properties

  • Wide range of applications, can handle a variety of waste gas

  • Provide complete solutions and control systems

  • Custom designed to meet your specific requirements



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