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8 types of potential risks in the laboratory

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Statistics show that there are 8 types of potential risks in the laboratory. These risks are the main factors that we need to consider and deal with when designing the laboratory.

1. Explosive

Common dangers are in chemical laboratories, mainly due to direct explosions caused by chemical reactions, which may trigger detonation points, detonation points, or external forces or fires.

2. Corrosion

The kind of danger comes from the corrosion of human skin, eyes, respiratory tract, etc., which seriously threatens the health of workers.

Our source of danger is acid-base reagents.

3. Burns

Some experiments with high chemical reaction and high temperature heating may pose a threat to personal safety, and experimenters may suffer high temperature burns and scalds due to various reasons.

4. Frostbite

In the low-temperature freezing temperature, for example, liquid nitrogen is 196°C, it is necessary to prevent cold when operating liquid nitrogen, otherwise it will be extremely frostbite. In addition, there are some special refrigerants, etc., which may cause frostbite to the skin if you do not pay attention to it.

5. Electric shock

Electric shock in the laboratory. The cause of electric shock is generally wiring equipment, leakage protection failure, ground wire disconnection, no grounding protection, non-safe voltage selection, etc.

6. Poisoning

There are many serious incidents in the laboratory, and poisoning incidents often occur, almost all of which are caused by accidental eating and accidental contact.

7. Infection

The laboratory staff was accidentally infected due to a slight observation. More common in biological laboratories or medical laboratories.

8. Chronic diseases

According to foreign analysis, the life span of personnel working in laboratories is 10 years shorter than that of ordinary environmental workers. Many of these reasons are caused by various possible gases, various acousto-optic electromagnetic and Martian radiation pollution.

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