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7 advantages of PP wet scrubber

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PP scrubber is widely used in industrial waste gas purification and organic waste gas treatment pretreatment. It is a common and practical treatment equipment in current waste gas treatment. The exhaust gas scrubber system can filter 99% of harmful exhaust gas. Commonly used scrubbers are: FRP scrubber, stainless steel scrubber, PP scrubber.

Advantages of PP scrubber compared to other scrubbers

The main raw material of PP scrubber is polypropylene, which is a very corrosion-resistant and chemical-resistant polymer material. It can be used in many high temperature environments and highly corrosive environments. Compared with stainless steel scrubbers, it has the advantages of low cost, light weight and easy assembly. FRP scrubbers do not have anti-corrosion properties and cannot be widely used.

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Advantages of PP wet scrubber

1. Even spraying, large gas-liquid contact area;

2. Light weight and easy to assemble;

3. Reasonable structure, beautiful appearance, firmness and high purification efficiency;

4. The tower body adopts anti-corrosion and anti-UV;

5. High toughness and high strength;

6. Long service life;

7. Low noise, stable operation, simple and convenient operation;

The scrubber uses the contact between the gas and the liquid to transfer the contaminants in the gas to the liquid, and then separates the clean gas from the contaminated liquid to achieve the purpose of cleaning the air. The waste gas passes through the filled acid mist scrubber and is treated by gas-liquid reverse absorption, that is, the liquid is sprayed down in mist (or small droplets) from the top of the tower. The exhaust gas flows from the tower body (countercurrent flow) to achieve the purpose of gas-liquid contact. This treatment method can cool the exhaust gas, condition the gas and remove particles, and discharge it into the atmosphere after being treated in the mist removal section.

Related accessories of scrubber

The window of the scrubber is also called the observation port. The flange of the window produced by our company has a short tube, which is easy to use, with high flange strength, good sealing and beautiful appearance.

Dimensions: φ400, φ500mm. It is also produced and sold with transparent glass with good UV resistance and light transmission.

Scrubber accessories include window flange (φ400, φ500), spray pipe, pp grid plate (500*500*25T, 600*600*25T), porous pp filter plate (750*750*6T, 1000*1000* 6T), packing (φ50 hollow ball, φ50-75 Raschig ring, Pall ring, flat splitter plate), pp spiral nozzle, snap-in spiral nozzle (3/4/6 points), automatic float valve, plate type There are two types of injection molding and processing such as water collectors.

China Xicheng Environmental Protection has many years of production experience in the design, processing and production of PP scrubbers. The company has formed a complete and mature production specification and accumulated profound production experience.

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