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4 main causes of air pollution

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In the current human society, air pollution is a very serious social problem. If we want to solve the air pollution problem, we must first find the source of the air pollution. Then today we can talk to you about some of the air pollution that may cause air pollution. Source of pollution.


4 main causes of air pollution

1.industry exhaust

First of all, the most important thing is the combustion link of industrial production. The combustion process of fuel (coal, oil, natural gas, etc.) is an important source of pollutants transporting to the atmosphere. The main component of coal is carbon, and it contains hydrogen, oxygen, nitrogen, sulfur and metal compounds. In addition to producing a large amount of smoke and dust when the fuel is burned, it also forms carbon monoxide, carbon dioxide, sulfur dioxide, nitrogen oxides, organic compounds and soot during the combustion process. The harmful substances produced in pyrometallurgical smelting of non-ferrous metals are mainly heavy metal dust and SO2, and are also accompanied by extremely toxic substances such as mercury, cadmium, lead, and arsenic. When producing light metal aluminum, the main pollutants are fluoride and pitch smoke; when producing magnesium, titanium, zirconium, and hafnium, the main pollutants emitted are chlorine and metal chlorides. These substances are very harmful to the air and are a source of pollution that accounts for a relatively large proportion of air pollution.


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2.Causes of vehicle exhaust

The second is the exhaust gas produced by automobile engines. With the advancement of human society, the penetration rate of automobiles has become higher and higher. Then there will be more and more exhaust gas produced by the engine. How does the exhaust gas from the engine produce? Engine exhaust gas is produced by the combustion of fuel and air in the cylinder. The exhaust gas is directly discharged into the atmosphere. The large amount of exhaust gas is due to incomplete fuel combustion. The exhaust gas affects the environment and air quality. Of course, there are all other fuel vehicles, such as ship exhaust. It will also emit exhaust gas, which is generally the exhaust gas produced by vehicles.


Automobile exhaust

3.Exhaust gas from municipal waste

Then there is the waste gas produced by urban garbage. The cleaning of garbage has become an important issue in major cities. Many of the tens of millions of tons of garbage every day cannot be incinerated or corrupted, such as plastic, rubber, glass and other humans' number one enemy. And some spoiled garbage will also produce exhaust gas, which not only affects the city's appearance, but also affects the cleanliness of the atmosphere.


Exhaust gas from municipal waste

4.Daily waste

The waste smoke and waste gas emitted from people’s lives are also a source of pollution. For example, coal-burning stoves in rural areas, straw burning, and range hoods in cities all produce more or less waste gas. Of course, the waste gas discharged from human life is also a source of pollution. A sort of. One of the reasons for the generation of exhaust gas is the daily life of our human beings. It really has to sound the alarm for ourselves.


Exhaust gas from straw burning

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