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4 kinds of dust and waste gas treatment methods

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Dust is one of the pollutants that pollute the air environment. Inhalation of the human body will endanger health. There are also many industries that produce dust: coal dust, aluminum dust and iron dust, as well as cement dust and grinding dust such as wood chips, etc. These dusts are toxic components floating in the atmosphere and have a serious impact on the atmospheric environment. According to international air emission standards, dust gas needs to undergo strict purification treatment before it can be discharged.

There are usually several methods to treat dust and exhaust gas, including pulse bag dust collection, bag dust collection, pulse filter cartridge dust collection, cyclone dust collection, wet spray dust collection, etc., and then these 4 methods Let's introduce the working principle of.

1. Bag dust removal method:

The dust-containing waste gas enters the ash hopper of each unit through the draft tube, and the large particles of dust are separated under the guidance of the ash hopper diversion system and fall directly into the ash hopper. The rest of the dust enters the filter area of the middle box with the airflow. The filter bag is discharged through the upper box, the poppet, and the exhaust pipe. As the filtration progresses, when the dust on the surface of the filter bag reaches a certain amount, the ash cleaning control device closes the lift valve according to the set procedure, opens the electromagnetic pulse valve to spray, shakes off the dust on the filter bag, and falls into the ash hopper Discharge through the ash unloading valve;

2. Pulse bag dust collection method:

It is a bag-type dust collector that periodically blows compressed air into the filter bag or outside the filter bag to clean the dust on the filter bag. The dust-containing gas enters through the air inlet, and the large particles of dust fall directly into the filter bag. In the lower ash collecting bucket, the fine dust is filtered on the outer surface of the filter bag, and the gas is purified and discharged from the exhaust port. At the same time, as the dust continues to increase, compressed air is sprayed into the filter bag at a high speed, and the filter bag instantly changes from a star shape to a round shape, so that the dust sticking to the surface of the filter bag shakes down into the dust hopper and is discharged through the discharge valve;

3. Cyclone dust removal method:

A dry gas-solid separation that uses the centrifugal force generated by the rotating dust-containing gas to separate dust from the airflow. When the dust-laden airflow enters the cyclone dust removal equipment from the intake pipe, the airflow will change from linear motion to circular motion. Dust particles with a density greater than gas contact the wall of the vessel and lose inertial force and fall along the wall and enter the ash discharge pipe. When the rotating and descending external swirling airflow reaches the cone, it moves closer to the center of the duster due to the contraction of the cone. When the airflow reaches a certain position at the lower end of the cone, it will continue to flow spirally from the bottom to the top of the cyclone dust removal equipment in the same direction of rotation. Then the purified gas is discharged out of the device through the exhaust pipe. Part of the dust particles that have not been captured also escaped from this. It has high efficiency for collecting and separating dust above 5-10um;

4. Wet spray dust removal method:

The dust-containing gas enters the spray dust collector, sprays through the porous nozzle, and enters the washing tower. It is sprayed out at high speed under the gravitational force of negative pressure through the sieve holes, and hits the bubbles in the water at high speed and breaks in the water. The water boils under the impact of the airflow, thus achieving the purpose of a full water bath with dusty gas.

The four commonly used dust and waste gas treatment methods are introduced above. For the dust generated in different industries, different dust treatment equipment is required, and different treatment equipment needs to be selected according to the concentration and temperature of the dust, such as high-temperature-resistant cloth bags or It is an ordinary cloth bag or a filter cartridge. It is recommended to find a professional waste gas treatment organization to design and plan waste gas solutions. XICHENG EP LTD. has 12 years of waste gas treatment experience and has provided professional waste gas treatment equipment and program designs for tens of thousands of factories and enterprises.

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