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China Xicheng as a professional air pollution control device manufacturer and supplier in China, all the air pollution control device have passed the international industry certification standards, and you can be completely assured of quality. If you do not find your own Intent air pollution control device in our product list, you can also contact us, we can provide customized services.
  • Air Pollution Control Devices Horizontal Type Wet Scrubber
    For particulate control, wet scrubbers (also referred to as wet collectors) are evaluated against fabric filters and electrostatic precipitators (ESPs). Some advantages of wet scrubbers over these devices are as follows:
    Wet scrubbers have the ability to handle high temperatures and moisture.
    In wet scrubbers, flue gases are cooled, resulting in smaller overall size of equipment.
    Wet scrubbers can remove both gases and particulate matter.
    Wet scrubbers can neutralize corrosive gases.
    Some disadvantages of wet scrubbers include corrosion, the need for entrainment separation or mist removal to obtain high efficiencies and the need for treatment or reuse of spent liquid.
    Wet scrubbers have been used in a variety of industries such as acid plants, fertilizer plants, steel mills, asphalt plants, and large power plants.



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