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Precautions for using wet scrubbers

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The wet scrubbers is the most critical waste gas filtering equipment in the production process. The utilization rate is persistent and high, which determines production efficiency and work efficiency. 

design a wet scrubber

9 things to pay attention to when installing the scrubber:

  1. During use, the acid-base concentration in the absorption solution should be checked in time. When the acid concentration is too high, the absorption solution should be replaced in time.

  2. Waste gas treatment equipment should be kept clean.

  3. Frequently check whether the spray in the absorption tower is blocked. If it is blocked, clean it up in time, or clean the tower.

  4. The wet scrubber is installed outdoors, and the motor of the water pump and fan should be covered with a rain cover to prevent the engine from being damp. Whether the equipment is installed indoors or outdoors, such as glass fiber reinforced plastic or plastic fans, protective covers need to be installed to prevent loosening of screws, damage to bearings, inhalation of debris, and damage impeller, and sometimes injuring people and causing accidents.

  5. Replacement and matching of the purification liquid: The formula ratio of the purification absorption liquid is determined according to the user unit's different gas sources and concentrations. The specific is provided to the user management staff after the routine inspection and acceptance of the equipment.

  6. When using a wet scrubber, first check whether the pipeline valves of each system of the equipment are intact and whether the selection and proportion of the absorption liquid agent are correct. If the absorption liquid does not meet the specified requirements, it should be refilled in time. Turn on the pump 3-5 minutes before turning on the fan. When closing the purification system, the fan should be turned off for 2-3 minutes before turning off the water pump. Otherwise, the motor will burn out, and the filler will be blocked, which will affect the purification effect.

  7. The wiring of the fan and water pump of the wet scrubber should not be touched casually. It is absolutely ensured that the rotation is correct and cannot be reversed. Otherwise, it will damage the motor and cause an accident.

  8. After the equipment is delivered, the user should appoint someone to keep it for use and check it regularly. If abnormal sound or water leakage is found, the equipment must be shut down for repair before it can be used.

  9. When the equipment stops running, stop the blower for 1-2 minutes, and then stop the circulating water pump. When in use, the circulating water pump should be turned on for 2-3 minutes, and then the blower should be turned on.

exhaust gas of garment factories

By adhering to these precautions and best practices, you can ensure the effective and safe operation of wet scrubbers for air pollution control while minimizing risks to both personnel and the environment.

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