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Activated carbon adsorption equipment

The dust layer on the outside of the filter cylinder of activated carbon adsorption equipment xEq4o0O is shaken to the ash hopper due to deformation of the filter barrel, and the dust is discharged by the ash hopper through the discharge valve. The resistance of the filter cylinder deduster of activated carbon adsorption equipment increases with the increase of the dust layer thickness on the filter surface. Clear the dust when the resistance reaches a certain value. Of PLC program control pulse valve opening and closing, a first chamber lift valve closed, will be truncated filtering flow, and then the electromagnetic pulse valve open, compressed air and a short time the case on the rapid expansion, the influx of cartridge, cartridge expansion deformation produces vibration, and under the action of reverse flow scouring, attached to the filter bag dust on the surface of the appearance, stripped fell into the hopper. In the process of catalytic purification of waste gas, the waste gas is fed into the heat exchanger by the fan through the pipeline and heated to the starting temperature required for catalytic combustion. The waste gas is preheated and burned through the catalyst layer. Due to the effect of catalyst, catalytic combustion exhaust gas initial burning temperature of about 250-300 ℃, much lower than direct combustion method of combustion temperature 650-800 ℃, thus is far less than direct combustion method for energy consumption. At the same time, under the action of catalyst, the reactive gas generates a certain amount of heat, and the high-temperature gas enters the heat exchanger again and is cooled by heat exchange, and finally is discharged into the atmosphere by the fan at a lower temperature. Activated carbon adsorption equipment
Working principle:
The air flow containing dust enters the air box through the lower tuyere, and evenly distributes the air flow to the filter element through the guide baffle. Under the action of the filter element, dust is absorbed on the surface of the filter element, and clean gas is discharged through the outlet pipe. As the filter parts are installed vertically, good cleaning effect can be guaranteed.
The cleaning of filter material of the purifier is realized through the spray device controlled by the pulse control instrument: when the purifier runs for a period of time, fine dust is absorbed on the surface of the filter material, which reduces the permeability of the filter material. Signals are sent out by the pulse control instrument at regular intervals to control the electromagnetic valve, and clean compressed air is ejected by the valve port. The dust adsorbed on the surface of the filter material is removed under the action of air flow and falls in the dust collector in the lower part of the chamber body. Pulse spray requires 0.4 ~ 0.6mpa of clean compressed air and must maintain continuous and constant air supply during operation.
Integrated filter cartridge deduster is the integral design of fan, motor and filter unit.

The heat of activated carbon adsorption equipment is reused through heat exchanger. 2. Zhonghan environment control system mainly consists of PLC electric control cabinet, temperature display instrument, electric valve actuator and panel simulation flow chart, etc. Its function is to control the switch of related valves in the pipeline during work. Control the start and stop of electric heaters, control and indicate the heating temperature, reaction temperature, air inlet temperature and air outlet temperature of the catalytic bed according to the requirements of process conditions. Application field multi-filter cartridge deduster is widely used in mechanical, casting, metallurgy, building materials, chemical industry, automobile, ship, equipment manufacturing industries in the electric arc welding, CO2 protection welding, MAG protection welding, special welding, gas melting cutting on carbon steel, stainless steel, aluminum and other metals when welding the purifying treatment of smoke. Activated carbon adsorption equipment
Is the filtering unit for the mid - h environment
The air inlet of the precipitator is equipped with a ash deflector, which can equalize the air and protect the filter core from damage of large particles. The filter unit adopts the vertical end cover type rapid installation method, which is more convenient for the disassembly and maintenance of the filter core. The vertical installation of the filter core makes its ash cleaning more thorough and clean.
The filter core is made of imported polyester coated filter material with good air permeability and the filtration accuracy is up to 99.9%, meeting the discharge requirements.
Blower unit
Fan built - in design, compact structure; Fan impeller: compression molding of blade and wheel cover mold, precision, with a balance level of no more than 4.0 (national standard), with good air power, high efficiency, low noise and stable performance.
Represents the environment control system
The control system type design can be based on the requirements of the field operating environment of the equipment, and the installation position is more flexible, which can reduce the pollution of internal dust to electrical components and extend the service life.
The variable frequency control can be selected for multi-station centralized processing. Through the automatic frequency converter, the system can adjust the rotation speed of the fan according to the actual air volume demand, reduce the operation energy consumption, reduce the wear on the filter core and extend the service life of the filter core.

The high-energy ozone in the form of meteor shower in activated carbon adsorption equipment has non-collision with the molecules (principle) in the medium, transforms the energy into the internal energy of ground state molecules (atoms), and generates a series of processes such as excitation, dissociation and ionization, which make the contaminated media in the activated state. Achieve purify deodorant effect. Photooxygen catalytic waste gas purification equipment produces active free radicals under the action of ionizing the pollutant medium, and the activated pollutant molecules are removed after the directional chain chemical reaction. When the average energy exceeds the chemical bond binding energy in the contaminated medium, the molecular chain breaks down, the contaminated medium decomposes, and is collected under the action of the ozone generator adsorption field. The rotary adsorption bed is used to adsorb and concentrate the organic waste gas. The concentrated organic waste gas is removed from the desorption regeneration area and introduced into the catalytic combustion purification device by the regenerative fan for further purification treatment. The whole device is divided into two modules: VOC concentration zone and VOC purification treatment zone. live
Range of application
It is applicable to centralized control of welding dust, plasma and laser cutting dust, centralized control of polishing and polishing dust, and centralized control of new material processing dust.
We can design excellent smoke and dust capture device and pipe system according to different field working conditions of customers, and select the corresponding type of deduster required air volume.

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